Strawberry Cherry Mint 330ml

Berry Explosion

A blend of sun ripened strawberries, and Zug’s favourite cherries paired with a hint of mint. Subtle enough not to cover up the tangy flavour of Kombucha during infusion, but still bold enough to keep you coming back for more.

Lime Elderflower Mint 330ml

The Ultimate Hugo

A “hugo” cocktail without guilt as it’s low in calories and alcohol free and full of all the gut loving probiotics of our other blends! We use only organic limes and mint, dried elderflower and a local elderflower syrup. Cheers!

Raspberry Ginger 330ml

Zingy Refreshment

True Kombucha lovers will delight in this tangy brew. Sweetness comes only from fresh wild raspberries. Infused with Ginger to give just the right amount of kick. A refreshing and uplifting blend !

Strawberry Cherry Mint 1 liter

Grosse Flasche

Lime Elderflower Mint 1 liter

Grosse Flasche

Raspberry Ginger 1 liter

Grosse Flasche

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha has been around for over 2'000 years. It’s a fermented drink made from mixing a special blend of bacteria and yeast with green tea and sugar, and then allowing the mixture to develop its flavor over time. The resulting raw and natural bubbly drink has an effervescent quality, and is slightly sour and slightly sweet - full of natural goodness


Natural Goodness

Our small-batch, unpasteurised Kombucha is hand brewed in the optimal environment for millions of probiotics, vitamins and enzymes to flourish. Cheers to happy tummies!


We use only the finest and whenever possible, locally farmed, fresh organic fruits & herbs to infuse our Kombucha for maximum natural flavour and the crispest finish. Yum!

Active Cultures

It's alive! We never filter or pasteurise our Kombucha to ensure all of the super gut loving bacteria and natural goodness, remain alive and happy until they find their way to you.

Low Sugar

We never add extra sugar or preservatives, only fresh organic fruits and herbs to infuse a pure natural taste. Cheers to great flavour & natural goodness, without the calories!

Made with Love

Our home-brew, small batch process, is truly a labour of love. We delicately brew each drop & hand chop every ingredient to ensure our unprocessed, unfiltered, Kombucha is the best it can be. Proudly brewed in Zug, Switzerland.

100% Pure

Our special hand brewing process means we never have to dilute or filter our Kombucha to reduce excess alcohol. It remains pure from tank to bottle to ensure exceptional taste every time. Pure & simple!

At the Swiss Kombucha Company, we believe that feeling good, enables us to do good as well. We know you’ll love our Kombucha as much as we do.

Feel Good, Do Good

Why not try the Kombucha Challenge? Drink our invigorating special brew for 10 consecutive days and see if you feel the difference!

Self Service Kombucha

The bottle revolution!

Swiss Kombucha available now on tap! Explore our tap machine locations and simply

  • Select flavour/quantity
  • Pay directly with card
  • Pour. Our special swiss brew will appear like magic.

You can bring your own bottles from home, or purchase one of ours from the online store.


Did you know?

Aligned with it’s golden reputation in the beverage world, many studies have shown that kombucha has benefits beyond just tasting great, despite inconclusive evidence to reliably demonstrate these effects in humans. To learn more about the research, here are some of our favorite studies and articles: