We are officially Kombucha nuts! We made the magical brew at home for many years. After Kombucha brewing vessels were covering every inch of our apartment (no joke!) we moved into our very own professional brewery, enabling us to brew more and better control every step of the process. We knew our brew was tasty with friends and family constantly buying everything we made. Seeing the reactions and positive healthy lifestyle changes from people when they began regularly drinking our Kombucha, gave us so much joy. Major inspiration to start the company also came from our growing frustration with plastic packaging, and the lack of reusable packing in the beverage sector.

Every day at the Swiss Kombucha Company we pursue our unrelenting mission to make the world better and more sustainable, making people feel good, enabling them to do good! In a world of processed, sugary food and high stress, good gut health has never been more important. When we couldn’t find the all-natural Kombucha that our tummies deserved – we got to work!

We wanted to create something bursting with goodness. A Kombucha that is ultra-high quality, low sugar and totally delicious. That’s how our home-brew, small batch process became truly a labour of love. We delicately brew each drop and hand chop every ingredient to ensure our unprocessed, unfiltered Kombucha is the best it can be for you and your wellbeing. No shortcuts, no funny business, just wholesome deliciousness!

We use only the finest and whenever possible, locally farmed, fresh organic fruits and herbs to delicately infuse our Kombucha for maximum natural flavour and the crispest finish.

Proudly brewed in Zug, Switzerland since 2013.

Wondering when to drink it? Our Kombucha is a GREAT alternative to soft drinks and alcohol, for any time of the day!

Our special dedicated brewing space, where we proudly produce everything end to end: is located at Hinterbergstrasse, Steinhausen 6312, Zug

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TAP MACHINE MAGIC: We developed a Tap Machine smart vending solution to encourage customers to reuse containers when collecting our fresh Kombucha! Less recycling – yay!

SUPPLIER PACKAGING: We carefully select suppliers that not only meet our high quality standards, but also use packaging that is sustainable too (single use plastics – boo!)

LOCAL VENDORS: We prioritise local partners to minimise our carbon footprint.

GREEN DISTRIBUTION: Whenever possible we use public transport and our amazing electrical “Kombucha Bullet” to fly around central Switzerland delivering our special brew. Wave if you see us!

GREEN PACKAGING: We use special 100% recycled and reusable packaging when shipping our special brew. It naturally keeps our Kombucha cool and fresh and can be used again for multiple things.


STRAIGHT SHOOTING: with no official standard about what Kombucha is, it’s easy for customers to get a bit lost! We pride ourselves on telling our customers straight what our Kombucha is and how it’s made – represented by our transparent Swiss cross.

NO FUNNY BUSINESS: Just simply, unpasteurised, unfiltered, naturally flavoured Kombucha! While it does create a shorter shelf life (5 months), we are prepared to make this compromise to ensure our Kombucha is the highest quality possible!

INTEGRITY: We strive to make the world a better place every day, with care and respect in everything we do. We also donate 1% of sales to great causes.


TRADITIONAL PROCESS: We pride ourselves on making the highest quality Kombucha we can, staying true to the traditional hand brewing process.

PURE & ALIVE! Chances are you are drinking Kombucha for the tummy loving active cultures and vitamins & enzymes – that’s good news, because our Kombucha is never pasteurised or filtered, or brewed from concentrate, which means our Kombucha is jam packed with goodness which stays alive and happy to give you the biggest boost!

NEVER DILUTED: Our unique and delicate brewing process, means we ensure the alcohol level never spikes during fermentation – this means we don’t have to use nasty sugary juice, or water to dilute our Kombucha. This gives you maximum good stuff and makes for a bolder, richer taste!


ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: We use the very finest organic natural and whenever possible, local, ingredients to infuse our Kombucha. Each ingredient has been meticulously selected to pack the most taste and depth of flavour into our brew. No added sugar or preservatives!

YEARS OF RESEARCH: We have spent close to a decade developing our production process and recipes and pride ourselves on making Kombucha as pure and delicious as possible!

DELICATE INFUSIONS: We gently infuse our Kombucha over time with great care and love. It is hugely time consuming but ensures the best possible flavour without excess sugar. Great taste and healthy IS possible – wohoo!

NO ADDED SUGAR: We only use the natural sweetness from our organic fruits & herbs to provide a rich and balanced taste profile. No sugar is ever added during the flavouring process.