Proud winners of 2022
global Kombucha Cup Awards in California

How did we do it?!

We make the REAL deal… and have the science to prove it.
Probiotics are (one of) many benefits to drinking REAL Kombucha.


Aerobic Bacteria (Probiotics) per ml*

* External tests carried out at UFAG LABORATORIEN SURSEE 02.10.20 & 14.05.21

Which is 450 times more than any of the other brands that have been tested!

Never Pasteurized

Never Filtered

Never Diluted

never from concentrate

Probiotic amounts reduce significantly when Kombucha is filtered, pasteurised, or diluted.
We achieve our HUGE probiotic results because we brew pure, every time

Immune boosting, naturally…

Immune supporting

Vitamin B12 naturally is found in our brew

18% of your daily recommended amount in fact

Vegan & gluten-free

Vegan’s rejoice!

Low sugar

The taste of nature! Only the finest fruit & herb infusions.

No added sugar or preservatives

Don’t take our word for it, ask the experts…

Sandra Mikhail & Henriette Saevil

You know we love a good kombucha but not all are created equal! Swiss Kombucha Company is a dietitian approved company..

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Danna Levy Hoffmann

I've been drinking high quality, home brewed kombucha for years, and was really struggling to find a real..

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Klara Debeljak

At Nourishi we’ve received great feedback from our clients on the kombucha made by the Swiss Kombucha Company...

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Amal Zayed

I used to experience chronic headaches that bothered me for a while. Wanting to address inflammation...

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What our customers say:

Enhanced energy release

Immune supporting (B12)

Great alcohol-free option!

Improved lifestyle

Reduced sugar cravings

Better sleep

As a professional Pilates teacher and active hiker, runner and skier, I know that I need to stay hydrated - but if I'm...

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Alex Phillips

Professional pilates teacher & multi-sport enthusiast

As a professional Coach and elite multisport athlete, I’m constantly seeking new tools to optimize health and performance...

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Cathy Ennis Yndestad

Professional coach & elite multisport athlete