Our Kombucha contains millions of alive and kicking cultures, so must be kept refrigerated upon arrival
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Individual Flavour Box

A box full of your No.1 flavour!

6x / 12x / 24x bottles
Pick & Mix Box

Mix it up!

6x / 12x / 24x / 50x bottles
Tap Machine Bottle Kits

Large bottles to enable tap machine refills but arriving full of your favourite blend

2x / 4x / 6x
Brew Kits & More

Starter Kits, Empty bottles, Premium Shopping Bags and more coming soon!

Shipping information:

All orders are consolidated and shipped early each week, usually on Tuesday or Wednesday. If your order is urgent please email info@swisskombuchacompany.ch with the order number and the requested shipping date. We try our best to ship it earlier if possible.

If you’ve purchased a SCOBY, please be patient. We will send them out as quickly as possible but sometimes there is a week delay if the SCOBYs haven’t grown enough. We want to make sure your Kombucha Culture is as strong as possible!