Fun Fact: Did you know Brazil is the only country to mandate standards for what is allowed to be called Kombucha? To ensure you’re drinking the real stuf, and not just sugary tea or syrup, look for the following:

REAL Kombucha (like ours!)
  • - Unpasteurised (alive!)
  • - Unfltered (cloudy)
  • - Cold, short expiry date (<6months)
  • - Organic
  • - Naturally high in B12
  • - Alcohol free (<0.5%)
FAKE Kombucha (sugar water)
  • - Pasteurised
  • - Made from concentrate
  • - Filtered (removes yeast & bacteria)
  • - Alcoholic (Brewed in large tanks creates high alcohol)
  • - Diluted (to reduce alcohol)
  • - High in sugar

What is REAL Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented tea that is naturally fizzy, uniquely sour and slightly sweet. REAL Kombucha (like our brew) contains vitamins and probiotics which helps restore the good bacteria in your body, promoting good digestive health.

One popular origin story suggests it first appeared in Asia around 2000 years ago and the name originates from the legend of a Korean physician named ‘Kombu’ that healed a Japanese emperor with his magical ‘cha’ (tea). Hence Kombucha.


Aerobic Bacteria (Probiotics) per ml*

* External tests carried out at UFAG LABORATORIEN SURSEE 02.10.20 & 14.05.21

Which is 450 times more than any of the other brands that have been tested!

Never Pasteurized

Never Filtered

Never Diluted

Probiotic amounts reduce significantly when Kombucha is filtered, pasteurised, or diluted.
We achieve our HUGE probiotic results because we brew pure, every time

Low sugar, great taste AND full goodness!