CBD oil

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CBD oil 10 ml

Did you know that stress is terrible for your microbiome? That’s why CBD for its relaxation effects and Kombucha for its naturally occurring probiotics, vitamins and enzymes are perfect partners.

This 100% Natural, CBD oil is grown and processed in Switzerland by our partners who love Kombucha. They use cryogenic ethanol extraction and distillation, which is the cleanest form of extraction. They’ve got decades of experience across many continents, so we trust their quality standards.

After rigorous testing by the Kombucha crew – we decided on a 20% blend made with MCT oil (not those nasty seed oils). We added a bit of flavour to mask the astringent natural taste of the CBD.

Our specially formulated CBD was designed as a lovely minty add on for our Kombucha, until we found out that it can’t be sold that way in Switzerland. So, we’re meant to tell you that you should use it as topical oil. Which you certainly can do! But if we could have, we would have told you to start small with about 1-3 drops, and mix the mint CBD MCT oil with a beverage or place drops directly under tongue and hold for 15-20 seconds before swallowing. But I guess we’ll have the save those instructions until they’re allowed.

The plants used for extraction are grown in Switzerland and are free of pesticides and herbicides. The oil is lactose and gluten free and free of artificial flavours, colours and preservatives.

CBD oils do not cause psychoactive effects and do not lead to intoxication. There are still no long-term studies about the therapeutic effect of CBD on body and mind.

WARNING: Please note that CBD is not suitable for oral consumption (in Switzerland).


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