As a professional Coach and elite multisport athlete, I’m constantly seeking new tools to optimize health and performance.

I first discovered Kombucha 15+ years ago while researching fermented and probiotic food options to boost gut health.

I’ve tried many different kombucha brands over the years, and it’s important to note that they are NOT created equal. When I first moved to Switzerland it was a challenge to find real, non pasteurized kombucha that has the same fizzy and health boosting bubbles I had come to need and appreciate.

Thankfully I found the Swiss Kombucha Company – Their tangy and fizzy brew is the real deal.

The small batch brew process helps maintain the living probiotics which I trust boosts my own immune function, supports gut health and provides the energy boost necessary to maintain a very busy and active endurance sports lifestyle.

I definitely appreciate the real ingredients and low sugar content of Swiss Kombucha Co.

Their brewers have the gift of creating interesting flavor combinations which satisfy, and I’m always eager to taste their newest mix. Keep up the great work SKC! Your kombucha is a tasty and important tool in my health and performance toolkit.